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Pure, stabilized Aloevera gel (inner pulp) is the primary source of our healthcare products. We take great care in making sure we continuously provide you with the very best Aloe products. That's why we own our plantations. We own 1,000-acre plantations of AloeVera and Amla (Indian gooseberry), the largest in India.

We use goats, sheep and camels to naturally control weeds and provide 100% natural fertilizer (manure) to grow Aloevera without compromising the health of plants or the environment. We have already received Organic Certification registration for our 9 Aloe-farms covering an area of 115 hectares from India Organic, a Government of India certifying agency. Most of these Aloevera plants are grown under the shade of shrubs of Indian berry-plum and/or gooseberry, which makes them grow better. Our farmers harvest Aloevera by hand, treating it with great care. All the farms are covered by micro-irrigation facilities ensuring adequate watering for plants. We have our own transportation fleet of trucks, pick-ups and tractors for material supplies.

We employ local farmers and provide them excellent living & working conditions at our farms. The steady jobs, good working conditions and our remunerations are the envy of others in the plantation region. Shortly we will file application for getting Fair-trade certification for our Plantations.