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The most common reason people see doctors is pain. Everyone in the world suffers from pain symptoms and consumes pain relieving medications during the life. However, most of the modern medicines are associated with abusive side effects.

Ayurveda suggests a different approach to pain relief. It begins by viewing pain as a mind-body experience that's highly subjective. The brain contains many pain-relieving chemicals, and these can be triggered mentally. Ayurveda recognizes this power of the mind to relieve pain, and strengthens this force through meditation practices and positive ideation.

According to Ayurveda, the five elements (Panchmahabhutas) in the body merge in pairs to form the three basic functional principles or DOSHAs (also called humors). These humors are called VATA DOSHA, PITTA DOSHA and KAPHA DOSHA.

All types of pain are considered under VATA Aggravation. According to Ayurveda, pain can only occur due to the VATA involvement and it cannot occur if VATA is not involved in it. VATA dosha is responsible for every movement and action in the body. The hindrance in VATA flow leads to the pain.

VATA energy belongs to the Vacuum and Air elements. It is present in the hollow organs, nerves, blood vessels, all other body channels. It allows the other PITTA and KAPHA humors to function in the body. PITTA and KAPHA cannot work without the help of VATA humor. Therefore, VATA should flow easily in the body without any obstruction. The obstruction in VATA flow causes pain.

The internal functions of the body, including those of the mind, are controlled by these humors. When these humors are balanced, a person remains healthy. When these humors are out of balance, they lead to ill health. All ayurvedic treatments and therapies treat the VATA humor in patients experiencing pain in any body parts.

Ayurveda categorizes pain as follows:

  • Pure VATA pain,

  • VATA-PITTA pain, and

  • VATA-KAPHA pain

The pain treatment may be different for every person and may be different in every type of involvement of other humors.

  • Pure VATA pain is treated by massaging with warm oil such as wintergreen oil, tarpin oil, lemongrass oil, mustard oil mixed in sesame oil with the application of heat for 20 minutes.

  • VATA-PITTA pain is treated with an oil with anti-inflammatory properties like clove oil

  • VATA-KAPHA pain is treated with a hot oil (blend of sesame and mustard oil) massage along with application of heat for 20 minutes. This is followed by a dry powder massage using herbs such as pudinah phool, karpoor, taj oil, ajwain, mirch oil that generate heat.

One formulation available in the market which is recommended in all Ayurvedic pain types discussed above is PAINSAFE.

PAINSAFE is a multi-ingredient formula product which is developed on the basis of Ayurveda principles with time-tested and clinically proven ayurvedic herbal oils recommended in pain management in ancient and modern medicine books.

PAINSAFE formula contains herbs and oils: Pudina phool, Karpoor, Wintergreen oil, Taj oil, Clove oil, Tarpin oil, Ajwain, Mirch oil, Lemongrass oil, Mustard oil which are effective in all types of Ayurvedic pain


  • Body Pain

  • Back pain

  • Joint pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Muscular pain

  • Sprains

  • Pain associated with sports

Directions for Use

  • Rub the roll-on nozzle and apply adequate quantity of oil on affected body areas or parts and massage gently with hands till oil is absorbed by skin at least three to four times a day or as an when required

  • For External Use Only

Presentation: Roll-on bottle pack of 50 ml